The world is becoming an extremely vulnerable place. Every day one gets to hear disturbing news about violence and attacks against people. The attacks can happen at any point of time.

Often, it has been seen after the investigation that the attack has been made possible because of these facilities having insufficient security measures. In order to keep these places secured, ipad signin software can be of great help.


Need of Security

Most of the time, it has been seen that school or college campus, church or supermarkets don’t have proper security measures with them. In short, the security measures may not be full-proof. Often, if the visitors are given a free entry without proper checking, intruders can easily enter the building. This is the reason having an efficient security system is very important.

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Understanding the Software

Visitor ipad signin software like Icon Check-In is also known as Visitor Management Software (VMS) offers a safe and secured check-in process for those who are visiting the church. The software is better than the age-old paper log-books as they work in real time. When this kind of software is installed at the entrance, it can offer a smooth check-in process. No longer, people are required to wait in long queues to enter the facility.

VMS is far better than the age-old paper logs. The reason is pretty simple. The software allows smooth check-in process. Waiting in a long queue for Sunday morning prayers is a headache for the visitors. Well, by taking the details of the visitors, the threat can be reduced greatly.

However, churches hesitate to introduce ipad signin software thinking that it is a very complex thing. Well, the working process of the software is pretty simple. The software is designed in such a way that it’s simple to use. Taking a close look at the software one gets to witness that it requires minimal hardware, exceptional compliance, and agreat investment. Basically, the software is made using latest web based technology.

Understanding the Working Process

It is important to understand the working process of theipad signin software. The software can easily check the visitors and their families. Contact information along with a picture of the visitor is uploaded to their database. Individuals with same address are grouped together. However, the software can work with each individual separately.

The software can come with drop-down menus. It would allow a group of individuals to be categorized for a particular program like Wednesday Evening Adult Study. Similarly, the software during the check-in process can allow creating an event.  Just like a VMS allows visitors to select the person they would be meeting. The best thing about the ipad signin software is that creates an ID for the visitors as well for the volunteers. Only the ID badges would give volunteers or visitors access to the church.

The software not only streamlines the check-in process but it can also track visitors who are entering the church. Thus, VMS can enhance the security of a facility. Thereby, keep the occupants completely safe and secured from all kind of threats.

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